Museum Manager

Mark Sertich

Board Members & Volunteers


Bill Trombley

Vice President

Jim Stanek


Carol Sundstrom


Bill VanWolvelaere


Doug Lindsley

Gayle Nicholson

Michael Schallow

Mary Kay Ebeling

 Why do you volunteer?

"Have always been interested in the history of the area. Meeting people with similar interests gives me the opportunity to exchange interests and experiences." Bill V. 

"The people of Norway, Vulcan, Loretto, and Waucedah area have very strong ties to their family heritage. It is very important to our communities that we keep the knowledge ongoing. For me, I enjoy seeing the looks on peoples faces when they make a connection to an item, a picture, or find something in the genealogy room that relates to their family. This must continue, that's why I volunteer." Cris H. 

"I enjoy learning about local history and want to help preserve it and educate others." Doug L.

"I brought my third graders to Jake's Museum for 38 years and upon retirement decided I wanted to be part of preserving and adding to the history of our area." Gayle N. 

"I was asked to by a friend.  I said yes because I like doing projects I don't have to pay for." Bill T.

"I am a volunteer at the Jake Menghini  Museum because I feel the History of Norway must be kept alive and since I have lived here my entire life it is my responsibility to make sure it does!" Mary Kay E.

"My family's roots in Norway go back to 1900, so the town's history is important to me. I am proud to be a part of the museum which preserves and shares our town's story." Carol S.